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I thank those who post comments and even read what I have written, I start out with a goal of being at least a little bit interesting with what I write and I often just browse others musings to see what is interesting them. But I’m afraid I’m inevitably drawn back to local stuff, I don’t know why but its crept up on me the last few years that I have re-discovered my locality so to speak. Now this is a problem as the majority of people have probably never been to or even heard of Kingston Upon Hull, or to us locals, Hull (actually we don’t even pronounce the ‘H’ so it sounds like ‘ull’).

I’m not going to ramble on about the history of the place as its easier to Google the stuff about the English Civil War and how the city locked out a monarch, Charles 1st if you are interested, but here’s the rub, suddenly I am interested. I have been doing the rounds of our museums, they have been there for years, and suddenly I’m finding out more than I ever thought possible. Hull has a big tradition with fishing and the oceans which goes way beyond what I ever realised even though my family had a tradition in this direction.

We have some historical artifact I never knew existed in Hull, like replicas of Egyptology including a genuine Mummy plus all the usual artifacts from years gone by, money, transport, clothes and pictures, loads of them, even reincarnations of the place before I was born. And the thing is I’m actually fascinated by it all as everything about history seemed to be located in bigger and better cities in the UK not right on my doorstep. Some beautiful historical buildings have long gone and from the pictures I have seen that is a big shame, but some do remain.

A lot more could be done to the city but economics and geography is against us as we are, shall we say literally at the end of the road, meaning we are a port so the roads stop. Hull has a proud industrial past but as with a lot of British industry it has gone ‘global’ which means in essence their headquarters head for London, the latest being Comet the electrical retailer, recently gone bust and Seven Seas who make fish based products, like cod liver oil capsules. Hull could do with influx of industry to alleviate unemployment in the area, but other places seem more attractive is seems if only for the better road situation.

Ironically Hull doesn’t help itself as when I was in the Whaling museum a few weeks ago there was a party looking round who were Dutch, there is a daily overnight ferry service between Hull/Holland and Hull/Belgium but there was nothing in their native language that they could read as they looked around. I mentioned this to the people who worked there and I was disappointed as they replied it had been mentioned before but nothing had been done, shame.

And its not only in the city centre that all this museum stuff is located, handy though that is, but Hull is blessed with some glorious surrounding countryside which has its own significant historical, the rolling areas of East Yorkshire as far as Beverley all contain mansions built by past successful locals now open to the public. There are plans to restore the fishing heritage some buildings remain, just, the Lord Line building being one in question, but again the money has to be found and that ain’t easy.

Maybe your own area has hidden gems that you never realised seek them out, libraries and local history archives are a good source, Hull has those as well, and yes the internet is a big help but I can’t get over the pleasure of finding books, scrolls, pictures, newspaper cuttings over just clicking on a computer, and of course you need a bit of spare time, if you have any then make time to check out some history, you may surprise yourself.


Arise Sir …. no but I have an award.

I have been nominated, by Le Drake Noir for an award and its the 7×7 Link Award.

But there conditions attached which have taken me a while to work out but I think I have done ok, well I did try. So thanks to Le Drake and here are my adherence to the conditions.

1. Tell everyone something about yourself that no one else knows.

Answer: I am going to be a granddad yet again, hopefully October.

2: Link to a post of your own, you think fits the following categories: The Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, Most Pride-worthy Piece.

And now my nominations in order they appear on the list above.

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So once again, thanks Le Drake, it does give a lift to know that your efforts are not totally ignored.

Toads, not frogs, Toads.

A while back now the City of Hull celebrated the the life and death of one Philip Larkin. A poet of some renown and also Librarian of the University of Hull, he became a Professor in 1982, he died in 1985, (a little more about him here)  Of Philips poems two were named Toads and Toads Revisited and to commemorate his achievements, artists, school’s, colleges and other organisations were asked to design a toad of their own so that they could be placed around the city.

What seemed at first to be a crackpot idea turned out to be very popular indeed, in fact one such toad was damaged, (Punkphibian, more of which later) by whom we know not, but such was the outrage that the said toad was repaired in next to no time and calm was restored. Eventually these toads were auctioned off for charity even though many people wanted them to be a permanent feature. Many people spent many hours designing their own toad, it really did capture the imagination.

Each toad had its own name some may be obvious others not so, 40 toads in total scattered around the City of Hull, some in the centre, others in the outlying areas all now in private hands. To give you an idea as to what all this was about I’ll start off with what many regarded as the star of the whole lot, and being right in the centre of Hull meant it got a lot of attention and at times too much attention as someone took his hair, but it was soon restored. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I give you Punkphibian.

Cute eh? 🙂

and a side view. I’ve no idea who chose the names, maybe the artist who designed them, but there were all certainly popular.

Kiss Me Quick this one was called and was housed in a Prospect shopping centre (mall).

Labyrinth on my back, colourful don’t you think?

Lobelia Toad, this one sat in Queens Gardens a haven of greenery in the center of the city.

Reflective Colours toad, quite like this one myself.

Intricate art work.

Cool man 🙂

And the Larkin toad itself.

I think you get the idea now like this one is called Tannery Toad as was situated outside what was a tannery. This link here give a news item on the toads by the local BBC, as it is there have been calls to do something similar in the future, as I said at first the idea was ridiculed, then people became quite fond of them and eventually were sad to see them go. If my memory serves me right Mr Punkphibian went for £3,500, Lobelia Toad fetched the most £3,600 all for charity.

Liverpool – England (1)

Addendum: Originally posted 17th February 2012.

A little while ago my wife and I went on a coach trip to the land of the Beatles, Liverpool. Its not far from where we live, when I say far, a few hours travel, depending if you stop off its between 3 to 4hrs. Its a lively place and although probably not as famous as the Fab Four, its where the Titanic sailed from. But back to Beatleland, and once there we took a tour, round all the Beatle sites and the tour was aptly named The Magical Mystery Tour.

Now Liverpool, like a lot of Norther England cities, is a place in transition, and that pace of transition is determined by the one thing that determines most things in life, money. Many old houses have been knocked down for large areas to be re-developed, my own city, Hull, has the same thing, but on a smaller scale. But the Beatle stuff is still there, just, there seems to be an on going battle with the authorities and the historian type people over Ringo Star’s first house.

Its in the middle of a derelict area due for demolition but some want to preserve the house on a historical basis, but the last we heard it was holding up the whole redevelopment of the area, a tricky one though, it has historical interest, but he only lived there before The Beatles became famous, so not sure what will happen. I took some pictures, so without further ado I will post them, with a short explanation, well sort of.

The name says it all.

Yes THE Penny Lane, it was cold though.

Don’t know about the Strawberry Fields forever bit but the iron gates have been welded into place because they kept getting stolen by souvenir hunters.

One of the houses George lived at, he moved a few times apparantly, before the fame that was.One of the houses George lived in, he moved a few times apparently, this was before the fame.

Aunt Mimi’s John’s home.

Actually its quiet ironic this ‘Working Class Hero’ lived in the best house and area of the lot of them.

Paul’s home.The name where he lived.

And Ringo’s house, the one just past the tree on the left and right in the middle of all the other borded up houses waiting to be demolished, some want to save Ringo’s house.

THE Penny Lane again.

'Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout a pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray' words by Lennon & McCartney of course and this is THE shelter in the middle of the roundabout.‘Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout a pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray’ words by Lennon & McCartney of course but this is THE shelter.

‘A banker with a motor car’ and this is the bank

Thats the first lot for now, I will carry on with this theme at some point in the meantime I will post this off.