Another coastline of Spain. Costa Del Sol (Part 2)

As I mentioned in the previous post the sun did return, not a lot of it but it did reappear sporadically. Torremolinos has a long promenade and when the weather is good its bars and cafes make for wonderful walk. Mind you there will be company, thousands all have the same idea but that seems to be feature of the Costas, people just stroll up and down, sometimes stopping off for a meal or a drink, or try to find a bench and just sit in the sun, relaxation I think its called.

If you walk far enough you will come to the next place along the coast, Benalmadena. A similar place to Torremolinos and another gathering point for many Brits. What these places also have are parks usually beautiful parks, we tried to visit the one in Torremolinos but we were early and it was closed, well it doesn’t open so early in a winter I should say. But the one in Benalmadena was open and its called Parque De La Paloma. Its a haven for wildlife and, if you know about these things, cactus.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but is it cacti?, cactus?, catcuses? goodness knows but there are quite a few variations, I’ll stop rabbiting on and show some pictures.

Yes this is a cacti? cactus? whatever but some more pictures follow.

I will state here and now I know nothing about these things, (flowers?) but they look mighty threatening should you fall amongst them, prickly doesn’t come into it.

As you can see there is a whole area dedicated to this species and up to now all I had seen throughout my life is one cactus in a pot on its own.

I think that’s enough of these plants, would you believe I never felt compelled to touch one the whole time I was there? No chance 🙂

But the main feature of the park were the animals, my main fascination were the peacocks, but we also saw cats, goats and emu’s. I was hoping that the peacock would open its feathers so I could see for myself what I had seen in pictures so many times, the beautiful plume. Well I kept my distance and this peacock was not playing ball with me.



Well at least I can see a glimpse of those feathers.

Even the Emu wandered what I was doing, or was it wondering if those feathers would show?

Then damn it, it opened its feathers but turned its back on me, I’m sure he? she? was playing games with me.

But then the peacock started to turn around and I started to wet myself in anticipation.


And yesssssssssss again 🙂

This was just awesome but for some diversion I’ve messed about with this last picture, see what you think.

A bit different 🙂

And finally.

But that peacock made my day, I had been following the thing for quite a while, gave up and went to the cacti, then came back. Came across the emu at some point but the peacock was my main focus and my perseverance paid off. I did mention we tried the park in Torremolinos but it was closed, the main road nearby lead up to a bridge so I walked up and managed to take this picture.

Shame it was closed, looks an interesting place, maybe another time, who knows?


What do you think?

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